back in england+moved house!
i’m white, dfab, middle-class, abled, dyadic, thin

i'm pansexual, demiromantic, and nonbinary (stargender). the pronouns i use are ae/aer/aers, auxiliary she/her/hers. you could also use no pronouns. i'm also spacekin, and probably fictionkin w terezi!

you can call me ether, and any nickname/variation thereof, as well as the names of my fave characters, if you want.
#implied justice

A smile, curled in fire’s work
Becomes a sweet and perfect smirk, 
And I am there- stars on my lips, 
The cosmos at my fingertips, 
And walking, as I later found
On sunsets, as opposed to ground. 

I’m golden as the sharpest star, 
I’m livid with a flaxen light, 
I’m topaz warmth encased in ice
Of jeweled ideas, ethereal! 
I am the astral grand reveal, 
I am the stellar mage of sight, 
I am what I was looking for
When I had zero means to write!
I am infinity! I am 
Transition metals in your eyes
And verses etched upon the sky
To laugh and celebrate, and damn
The way the dark condemned the bright!
I am naive, yet I am whole;
I’ll be the shattering of souls,
I am the sun in scattering! 

I’m safe and buried in the page, 
I’ve found my refuge in the way 
That lines and words make sense, I am 
At home with pen in hand. I dream
Of never being lost again
By making maps of how I think. 

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the 13pt is much better imo!

again, thanks!! im glad! is there anything i can do on my theme to make it look better/easier to read and stuff?

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I like the 13pt you’ve been using!

thanks! i like it better too!! 

You are the very sky, in flames, 
For I have kissed the clouds with light
And gave them all a silver lining, 
So now out love is shyly shining
And threading glow into the night. 
It’s like you’ve given me my name. 

should i make the font 12pt again or is the enlargement to 13pt an improvement/easier to read?

You’ll meet the future with a pen
And tell it how to write itself. 
You will take color yet again 
And make perfection from your skill:
I know that you can hold your will, 
So make the cosmos brighter still!

You are so strong under your smile! 
You are the sun in trembling hands, 
You are the starships setting sail
To bring new warmth to lunar lands, 
And to be joyful to discover
How effortlessly you prevail! 

I’ll live for you and grow entire
Gardens of light inside my heart
And make you pure bouquets of fire;
Bloom into you and meet your gaze
With petals of sheer satin stars;
And kiss you with the songs of space.