russian HELL
i’m white, dfab, middle-class, able-bodied, dyadic, straight-passing

i'm pansexual, demipanromantic, nonbinary, femme, and the pronouns i use are ae/aer/aers. however, you could also use she/her/hers, or just call me by name. i'm also spacekin! i really really love terezi pyrope with all my heart

you can call me ether, and any nickname/variation thereof, as well as the names of my fave characters, if you want.
#implied justice

Some light fills me with molten joy and whispers, 
While other kinds make me reveal my eyes
To be completely flooded golden
With wonder and experience,
I wonder why not white, blank,
Not devoid of color, 
But knowledge is odd, 
Always growing
But straight

Glory and Disdain

I am transcending every law
I put before myself, each flaw
That bound me once, but now can burn.
I am inspired by my skill, 
The very essence of my will,
And how I from the ashes turn. 

hey so my birthday is in 2 days, on the 3rd of september, and i’m pretty excited for it! im gonna go back to england from russia on the day, and move into my new house, and it’s gonna be a pretty big day for me. 
i’m turning fifteen! 


I am the mighty overcomer! 
Behold, I stand
With pen in hand! 
Behold! I’m living, breathing, learning
And blinking constantly. 
I stand
Surrounded by the light I long for, 
The very point
Of my ambition,
The centre of 
My piqued precision
And all the focus of my vision! 

Patron saint of absolute and dominant justice, crusader of pyropial justice and vengeance, archdruid of vengeance and pyropial canonical mastery

holy HECK fe im burning with admiration as to your words gosh Darn… thats Me. 

give me a title like in this post! 

You are the whole entire world,
My every dream, and you deserve
The sunrise on your lips, and me
To whisper stellar poetry
Between them as we kiss the night
Away into the day, and learn
Each other by the cloudy words
Surrounding smiling stars, as light
Floods in between our hands, and flowers-
A tribute to our love, I’ll say.
You have convinced me hearts have rays,
You have made constellations bright, 
And called a universe to stay 
Within your infinite affection.
I have infinities for you,
I have the proof our love is true,
The fact that skies, in all directions
Are so ecstatically aglow
Because they see your smile, and know
That I’m a sun set to ignite. 

Don’t dare to tell me who I am, 
Be it through labels or the name 
You gave to me, so short of flame.
You are epitomes of lies;
You are so wrong, you can’t be right,
For I am blossoming in light
And you won’t open your damn eyes. 

Too often I am heartless, senseless, 
Relentlessly dooming myself,
But I have never even touched you,
And definitions don’t seek help. 
Sometimes I’m truly sorry, but
I think you spit exploitation
Of truths you’ve bent beyond belief
For new anxiety’s creation. 



  • QUEEN/KING OF _____???

bonus points:

  • HEIR TO _____???
  • GOD/GODDESS OF _____???
  • OVERLORD OF _____???

  • welcome to redglare hell
  • i love movits so much i started rapping in swedish under my breath and i had no idea what anything meant i just love movits so much