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i’m white, dfab, middle-class, able-bodied, dyadic, straight-passing

i'm pansexual, demipanromantic, genderqueer, femme, and the pronouns i use are ae/aer/aers. however, you could also use she/her/hers, or just call me by name. i'm also spacekin!

you can call me ether, and any nickname/variation thereof, as well as the names of my fave characters, if you want.
#implied justice

You tend to make me think of rivers- 
Your pellucidity keep shining
As if you’re not of earth and water
But born of clouds and silver linings. 

I love you. Holding you is moonlight,
And being near you is the stars.
You are my universe, I need you- 
You and the sunset on my heart. 
You are the reason skies keep living
A life of valour, hope, and grace. 
Let’s make a bargain with the cosmos- 
You’ll be the clouds and I’ll be space! 


Receding truths caress the coast
And carry destiny ashore.
It’s everything I’ve seen before-
This kind of lifeline- water’s ghost
Drifting on wind to graze the skin.
The planet’s tears don’t stay within. 


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I do believe in clouds today. 
The sky has turned into this hall
Of the performances of rays
And necromancers of the night
Reviving shimmers of the stars
To be fair tutors to this light. 

Out of the muted lilac glow,
Silenced by dust, choked with the shade
Of cities drowning (overthrown)
Emerged the heavenly attire
Of suns that dare to seethe and save
Said city from a dusk most dire. 

I once described said scenery
As if it were a war on ether- 
A battlefield of poetry
Closing as crimson wounds and feathers
To soothe the ire of the sky. 
These clouds were swollen with desire,
And even oceans can’t deny 
(With salt and size) their living fire. 

phoenix wright x redglare

That post has nothing to do with "not all men". One concept is bashing stereotyping for the oh so "accepted" straight/white on tumblr while another is an insecure guy making sure his feelings aren't hurt when a simple expression of "how come guys.." (Followed by something negative) is used. It is defending against people who actually believe in judging a person solely because they're white (which is racist in itself). Please don't touch social justice if you don't want equality for ALL.


please don’t touch social justice if you believe in reverse racism

Your post about 'glorified 'not all men'' thing gave me a headache. Prove the not all men argument wrong please. You seem to be well-endowed enough to make the claim that it's defies all acts of intelligence so please.. Can you add any facts or statistics to prove this claim? it's the one argument that doesn't seem to get any response out of people like you other than comedy, which isn't healthy when trying to prove your cause as a serious one.


"not all men" as an argument isn’t as much wrong as it is invalid.
when any member of a privileged group says that they aren’t all oppressors in an attempt to prove their lack of wrongdoing, they’re drawing the focus away from the issue at hand and defending the people at the very top of the social hierarchy. 
besides, in this example, while not every man is an oppressor, our society is a misogynistic power structure which calls every man to at least analyse his actions. some of this misogyny is internalized, which calls for every single person to reassess the way they act upon women. 
ultimately, saying that “not all men” oppress is just cowardly and irrelevant, since many, many women face oppression every day. this is what we should be changing, rather than giving men a clear slate and an excuse to not take action! 
you seem to have an excellent vocabulary too, anon, and i’m very confused as to how you haven’t encountered a non-comedic response, what with mentioning “people like me”.